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Dr. Lake examining 2 young girls

Your doctor

all the time.

Because worries don't just happen during office hours.

Welcome to our direct primary care practice


What is Direct Primary Care (DPC)? Think of it as a direct connection between you and your primary care physician, bypassing insurance complexities and government red tape. Through an inclusive monthly fee, our patients benefit from relaxed appointments, direct 24/7 access to Dr. Lake, and a focus on your overall health, not just addressing symptoms in a rushed visit. And most labs and in-office tests are included, too!



“My membership-practice model allows me the time to thoroughly address all of my patients' concerns and dive into lifestyle factors affecting their health. What’s refreshing for patients is that they have direct access to me via phone, email, and text so their questions and concerns are answered promptly . . . anytime, anywhere. . . I will answer!


Expert Care for All Ages

Take comfort in knowing that Dr. Lake is board-certified in both internal medicine and pediatrics and has over two decades of experience caring from newborns to seniors and everyone in between!

24/7 Availability

Dr. Lake understands that worries don't always happen during office hours. that's why she gives all of her patients her personal cell phone number. Whether in-person, through virtual visits, by text, phone, or email, excellent care is always within your reach.

Mobile phone showing text conversation between a patient and Dr. Lake

Fewer Patients, Better Care.

Membership at our practice is truly like having a doctor in your family. We intentionally maintain a small patient list so your unhurried appointments can be focused on your overall health, not just treating your symptoms.

Comprehensive Care

Dr. Lake's extensive training and double board certification means she expertly handles a wide range of health issues, including chronic conditions, acute illnesses, and complex medical cases, providing comprehensive and personalized healthcare at every stage of life.

Simple Monthly Fee with NO Insurance Hassles

Dr. Lake's membership-based model ensures your concerns are heard, your appointments aren't rushed, and your health is always the primary focus, not copays and insurance hassles

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Dr. Lake has been our physician for many years because we appreciate her warmth, genuine concern for our overall wellbeing and dedication to her patients.  When she opened her new practice, there was no question that we would become patients because she offers a level of care that isn't found elsewhere.  This model allows her to spend ample time with each patient and gives her the freedom to choose the proper course of treatment without the pressure from insurance companies.

Hedy Murphy

Dr. Lake has been my doctor for 15 years, so when I had kids I brought them to her. My kids (5 and 3) love her and actually look forward to going to the doctor. She is kind, compassionate, thorough, and actually listens to everything you say. She also takes into account your personal preferences for your medical care. Even when she worked at a high-volume practice, she always took time to address each of my concerns and make me feel heard. I'm thrilled that she has her own practice now and has all the freedom to practice medicine how she wants to - with heart!

Erin Vasquez

Dr. Lake has been amazing with my family. We switched to her after moving to the area. She really cares and it shows. She is the first pediatrician that is able to examine my 1 year old's ears and have him laughing and enjoying it! She takes her time with appointments for both adults and kids. I can say as an adult I have never been to a physician were I felt more cared for. She asks and checks in on every aspect of your well being and is thorough about follow up. I recommend her for any family!

Dr. Jillian Grayson

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